After the conference I felt the release to do two things "separate" and "consecrate" and that is what I shared with my Pastor upon my return home.  I prayed to God for the verbiage I was to use.  I pointed no fingers.  I simply made the choice to be healed.  I am still a member but I have stepped down from leadership and I am not currently attending worship services.  Beyond that I had no other information to give to my Pastor or anyone else for that matter.  My confession was simple: I heard God and I moved on what I heard!

Since my decision I have felt liberated.  I am free to "be" and "do!"  Things I have desired to do for years to learn and increase in God I am doing!  It is great!  Ministry is going very well, I am active doing what God has called me to do and I know God is healing and bringing wholeness to me because he is blessing me to do great things for him.  Thank you for your faithfulness to walking in your purpose of setting the captive free!

I pray God's continued blessings over you!



This was an awesome prayer experience. I had been sick the week before the conference so I was not sure how I would hold up, but God! These are my summary thoughts of this event. The most memorable time was during the midnight prayer session. When I came to the conference my desire was to have the fire of intercession ignited to the point that it would never go out. That night as prayer was going forth, I had a desire to bow down and pray to God. As soon as I bowed, I saw in a vision two angels. I don’t know if they were ascending or descending from my shoulders, but I was taken in by them. Before I had a chance to ask the Lord what this vision meant, I felt a heavy weight upon me and heard Bishop Green in my ear saying she was putting the mantle of apostle upon me and I would stay hidden. I don’t know what else was said because a heavier weight was upon me and I fell over and began to weep. I could no longer see the two angels that had been upon my shoulder, but I worshipped God and wept like I was a baby in a fetal position. I don’t know how long I stayed there, but nothing matter at that point, I was with God. It was a great experience.  

The most memorable session was the ordination. The teaching on “Ready, Set, Go” was of particular interest because of my most memorable time. I liked the fact that we are to serve and not be a celebrity. During my return home, I was hit with a spirit that made me weary. My fight was delayed several hours so my ride was waiting at the airport for a very long time. I felt bad about that and the driver let me know how tired she was. She also gave me work which required me to complete for the next day prison ministry she was to teach. I do not want to be a celebrity and I try to serve those I lead as well as those that lead and feed into me. I became weary because as I looked at those I feed, I felt like I was being taken for granted while they seem okay to give or serve out of convenience. At 3am in the morning, I had to figure out how I was going to get my work done at my job and her work for prison that night. I had to pray to get the proper attitude to minister and I was thankful for the ability to burn off every strange fire that was trying to consume me in prayer. Another part of the teaching during the ordination service was “correction is not rejection.” Submitted by CA


I am an Apostle.

During Christmas break, my wife and myself were to due to go away on a holiday break.  Something happened that prevented us from going.  I felt that God had another plan so I began seeking what that may be.  Much to my amazement, I found myself on Amazon looking for something to extend my mind and thinking, and somehow stumbled upon your book, "Spurned to be an Apostle."  It was the title that caught my attention initially, but I now know that this was a God thing.  I am not a big reader of books other than the Bible.  If I do get a book, I am very selective.  I must be honest, when I saw that the book was written by a woman, it made me all the more inquisitive.

I have been in ministry for 40 years now spending most of that time in an Apostolic movement that came out of the Welsh revival.  I have pastored churches, traveled as an itinerant speaker and am still currently mentoring people and holding revival healing meetings and seminars.  My story is too long to share here, but I wanted to say that I have known for many years that I have been called as an Apostle.  I just wanted to write and thank you for your book.  It just resonated with me in so many ways.  My wife began reading the book also after she saw me resonating with things you have written.  She kept saying things like, "that's you."

Like you, I have longed for many years to see the Body of Christ be in order by the 5 fold giftings of Christ.  Although I am now in my more senior years, I feel that I have been infused with "Fresh oil" to press on to the things that are still ahead.  All of my life I have hungered to be around Apostolic and Prophetic people who are gifted like myself.  Sadly I have found very few.  Whilst reading your book I was greatly challenged to come up before the throne of God and boldly declare; I am Apostle.  Something happened in the heaven-lies when I did.  I took ownership of the mantle that God has put on my life.  I would greatly appreciate your prayer team praying for my family and myself.  I feel that I still have assignments to fulfill.  Once again, thanks for the book, RM

Hi Bishop Green,
A year ago… I waw delivered in Denver through your ministry and ministry team.  I wanted to let you know how great I feel since my deliverance session in Denver.  After I got home I went through my house and burned all of my Mormon stuff...books, blessing certificate, my letter telling me I was free...etc.  It felt so good getting that stuff out of my house.  I also decided that I needed to end the relationship with the guy that lives in Denver.  After my session, I knew he was one of the things I had to get rid of as well. It was remarkably easy after my session. Trust me, I have tried to do it several times over the last 20 years but was not able to do so.  God made it happen that weekend, and I feel so free.

I have been doing really good and I have started to become "girly" and it is really kind of fun.  I went out and not only did I buy A dress, I picked up skirts, blouses, jackets, etc.  I am going in for a make-over on Saturday and I am excited to see how that works out.  I even purchased a new pair of heels but I don't know if I will keep them or not; they make me 6'4" and that is great if you play professional basketball, but sucks when you are a single female.

I want to thank both you and Pastor Kathy for the work that you did in Denver. I have not felt this free, happy, secure, strong, safe...EVER!  Thanks again for the work that you and Pastor Kathy did.  Blessings JW


Dear Bishop Jackie Green,

I was blessed to attend the Emotional Deliverance conference and training this past weekend in Georgetown, DE. This conference came at a pivotal time for me because I have been suffering from the wounds of verbal and emotional abuse for the last 3 1/2 years from my husband. On Thursday, November 10th the Holy Spirit woke me up at 3am and directed me to 1 Samuel 16:1. When I read this scripture where God told Samuel to stop mourning over Saul.   I had been praying and believing God for change while I became more and more depleted and isolated due to the constant abuse from my husband.  This scripture gave me a confirmation that change was on the way.  Later that morning, I found divorce papers that my husband had filed and he let me know that he was not coming back. He went back to his ex-wife in another State.  

By the time I arrived at the first meeting on Thursday night I was a wreck. I was weak, suffering from a migraine, depressed and full of anxiety. I could barely stand during praise and worship.  Well, needless to say...by Saturday night, after all of the ministry, worship, teaching and training, I was new person. I was able to WORSHIP and I had hope again!!! I know that I have a road in front of me while I go through the divorce process, but I want to keep my deliverance. I desperately want my soul to be healed and filled.  I was able to get just a couple of the Cd's and I will play them and study that materials in the booklet until I can practically speak it word for word. I need for this grieving process to be over fairly quickly, and I want to be free from the residue of all the trauma associated with abuse and divorce.

I wanted to first thank you for the AWESOME teaching that you and Apostle Hopkins did.I didn't have much money on me to but a lot of the material, but I can order something this week when I get paid. I was wondering what specific materials you would suggest for me to help me while I go through this process of divorce and rebuilding my life...commanding my soul and having control over my emotions. I want no bitterness, resentment, shame, embarrassment, anxiety or worry to cripple me like it has in the past. Thank you again for the sacrifice made by you and your team. I am forever changed and I look forward to seeing you at another meeting.  Love and Blessings!! LA

Dear Bishop Apostle Jackie Green,
I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for pouring your life out in the service of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am so very grateful for that because of how your ministry has impacted me.  I attended the Visionary Summit on Saturday that you ministered at New Generations Church.

I drew so much from your strength in a time that I was in great need of strength, at a time when my vision had grown so dim and the calling on my life had seemed to wither away because of the crushing and persistent attack that has been on my life for the past 2 1/2 years - now my vision has been awakened and the calling stirred up.  I did not know that being a woman in ministry would bring such devils to contend with. I had no clue the level of warfare that would be launched against me. But you have overcome, and I am greatly encouraged that I can too as I learn from your experiences and draw on the anointing and strength on your life.

I purchased a lot of your materials and I am so looking forward to going through them and gleaning all I can. I have listened to the Hurt Lady CD twice so far (I got the book & workbook too) and today I listened to the CD 1 about women as bishops. (I will listen to part 2 tomorrow) I am just soaking in the strength that is conveyed through the anointing that is on your life and I am being strengthened.  I have been imparted to, and have been equipped with the tools I need to rise up in the strength of The Lord, and The Lord just gave me this Scripture - Song 8:5 "Who is this that cometh up from the wilderness, leaning upon her beloved?"  Again, thank you, I am so grateful to be introduced to your ministry. God bless you.  DG


Bishop Green lives to write, preach, and teach the gospel and unadulterated truth of Jesus Christ.  She has countless journals of prophecies, poems, declarations, prayers, sermons, teachings, songs, books, etc., that God has downloaded to her over the years.  Many of them have not even been shared with the world yet.  Her wisdom and revelation exudes the heart, nature and character of God, and exemplifies the importance of spending time in intimacy and relationship with Him. Truly it is His words and plans that saves lives, impacts the world and stands through all of eternity.  

We decree a refreshing, reviving, clarity, confirmation, divine wisdom, and upward elevation and mobility over you and all that concerns you as you gleam from JGM's Blog - the heartfelt pen of Jesus.